Tips to make staying at home a little more fun
Are you safe inside because of the advice not to spread the Coronavirus further? Can't you do your work at home, so are you actually "free"? Not having to work sounds very tempting, but if you can't get out the door, you still have to do other things than when you can. We help you with various tips to keep you busy!

To do:
  • Looking for lost socks so you don't have to look for a complete pair every morning when you're in a hurry
  • Making that one difficult puzzle of 348239473 pieces
  • Remove the weeds from your backyard (we know you've been putting this off for a while)
  • Finally read your large stack of magazines
  • Download Wordfeud so that you can still have some contact with your dear grandmother
  • Find fun living and fashion inspiration on Pinterest (we can do this all day long)
  • Netflix & chill (at an appropriate distance, huh)
  • Bake a cake and eat it all by yourself
  • Drink wine (if you are 18+)
  • Cuddle with your pet at a distance of 2 meters
  • Video calling with friends that you actually see too little
  • Bring order to your chaotic camera role
  • Learn something new via YouTube
  • Painting nails, plucking eyebrows / waxing, face mask etc.
  • Have a fancy dress party with yourself, but skip the mummy suit so that you still have enough toilet paper in a week and you don't have to hoard again
  • Play our word search:

We are very curious what you are doing on these days. Are you working or are you free and do you have any tips? Let us know!
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