How to cut your mans hair during Covid-19?

Are you, and perhaps especially your husband or friend, literally with your hands in your hair now that the hairdressers have been closed for a while and this will also take a while? Have the strands of your husband or friend grown so fast that you get them thrown in your face while sleeping? Then it is really time for a fresh haircut. Don't try this at home does not apply in this exceptional situation (sorry dear hairdressers). Although it is better to leave some hairstyles to the real hairdresser. And well, your husband won't have to leave the house for the time being.

Of course we are not a hairdresser, but we have looked up some tips that are essential to make it a success:

1. Use hairdressing scissors
As tempting as it can be to just ram the kitchen shears or hedge trimmers, don't do it. We repeat: Doc. it. not. Only real hairdressing scissors are suitable for cutting hair and are also better in the hand due to the special finger barrels. You can just buy it online yourself!

2. Keep it clean
It is easier to work on clean hair. First of all, you better shape the hair after this and in addition the clipper gives less resistance to clean hair, which makes it easier.

3. Dry or wet?
Curls are best cut dry, so you can see them bounce back. This also applies to cutting a pony in a woman, which is done relatively often anyway. That is how we once saw Monica Geuze do this herself and it suited her too.
It is also best to use clippers on dry hair. For everything else, work best on wet hair.

4. The cloak
Understandably, not everyone can pull a hooded coat out of their back pocket. Purchasing may also be a bit of an exaggeration, but don't panic! You use a towel with a cut-out garbage bag over it. The hairs slide off the garbage bag and do not remain in the towel. That saves pricking if you just use that towel again after showering. The hairs can be quite sharp and even feel like splinters.

5. Skip a difficult haircut
Do you think that after watching a YouTube video you also come close to a professional hairdresser? Think again. This takes years of practice, so don't start cutting a difficult haircut. Long hair in layers is best done, for example, because mistakes are not so obvious.

6. Hair clipper
Do you work with the clippers? Then always start with the attachment with the longest length. You can always go a little shorter, but of course no longer. A little help:

7. Good lightning
Ready, set, go? First make sure that you work in a place where there is a good light source so that you can see what you are doing.

We understand that you need a little help if you decide to take care of your husband's haircut. Alpha M, a well-known male YouTuber, clearly shows which steps you can take: See the magic

Was it not completely successful? Still little cause for alarm. Then you can easily pull the clippers over the head of your husband and prune the whole lot. Let's be honest, there is nothing wrong with waking up with a look like Michael Scofield

Well, good luck & stay safe everyone! Before you know it, the hairdressers are open again!

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    22-04-2020 14:54     Comments ( 2 )
Comments (2)
 Eppo -  27-03-2022

Sofiha heb je geen tondeuse

 Sophie Hagenbeek -  07-02-2021

Okey bedankt maar ik moet het haar van mijn papa knippen maar ik heb echt geen kapers schaar en het moet echt nu gebeuren hij moet morgen weer aan het werk en het ziet er niet uit en bovendien we doen het met een dokters schaar die zijn ook mooi dun hier voor!