The best tips for beautiful hair

  07-02-2020     Comments (0)

The best tips for beautiful hair We love a full bunch of shiny hair, but unfortunately not everyone is blessed with this. There are plenty of things you can do (or better not do) to keep your hair as beautiful as possible and to create the perfect hairstyle. Read on: Although the following tips are generally known to many, we still want to name them: Your hair will not be happy with the straightener and curling iron when used daily. Always use a heat protector! Washing too often is a no go. Shampoos are full of stubborn substances that cause dry hair. Gradually reducing your hair while washing can ensure that your hair gets a nice shine again! Wet hair is more sensitive and breaks faster. Therefore, only brush it when it has dried. Wear your hair a little more often. Loose-hanging hair scrapes along your clothing or chair and can thereby damage it. Use...

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love ibiza for australia

  17-01-2020     Comments (1)

love ibiza for australia Recently, Australia has had to deal with intense forest fires and unfortunately this is still going on. It is terrible to watch from a distance how people lose their homes and how millions of animals have to see their familiar spot in the forest go up in flames and many of them do not even survive this themselves. In Australia, forest fires are no exception, but often limited. Due to persistent drought, they have a lot worse in Australia this year than in previous years. Firefighters work (voluntarily) for very long days and even risk their lives. More than a billion animals have already died in the forest fires and people have lost their homes. The country has to deal with millions of damages and people are not insured in the event of a natural disaster. We sympathize immensely with all the residents and animals affected by...

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Tips to keep your Love Ibiza jewelry pretty!

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Tips to keep your Love Ibiza jewelry pretty! It makes sense that you always want to keep your items nice so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible. Although our jewelry is of good quality, it is of course important that you treat it with care to keep it beautiful. You do not prevent discoloration or damage if you wear jewelry on a daily basis, regardless of whether it is made of real silver or gold or other material. This has nothing to do with the quality of the jewelry, but by wearing it yourself. You can give your jewelry a boost with different means and there are things that prevent and limit discoloration and damage. This cannot go wrong with the tips below! This is how you keep your jewelry beautiful for the longest time: Do not go to sleep with your jewelry to prevent it from breaking or wearing. Fortunately, it is not necessary at all to wear...

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