Ibiza vibes on the Greek island of Rhodes

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Bonfim de Bahia straps: what are they and how do you wear them?

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Bonfim de Bahia straps: what are they and how do you wear them? You have probably already spotted them in our webshop and on Instagram: the Bonfim de Bahia bracelets! Bonfim de Bahia bracelets have been a symbol in Brazil for more than 200 years and are increasingly known worldwide. The tradition of the bands began in the form of silk bows with handwritten texts in silver or with ink. Nowadays the straps are worn on the wrist or ankle or they are tied around the gate of a church. They are also worn on hats, bags and nicely combined in the interior. However you wear them, they will bring you happiness and hope! You are supposed to tie a Bahia bracelet with 3 buttons and make a wish at each button. When the band breaks, these wishes will come true! Cutting or breaking the strap has a reverse effect and creates bad luck. Each color also has a different meaning and therefore stands for...

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5 Netflix watching tips to get through the next month!

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5 Netflix watching tips to get through the next month! The curfew in the Netherlands means that a lot of binge watching can be done again! It's not ideal, but we can be lucky that we live in 2021 and are no longer at the mercy of a Nokia phone where only Snake could be played. We have listed 5 fun series that will get you through in the near future: Bridgerton If you have missed all the hype around this, we will immediately update you! The Bridgerton series is based on the eight-book series of the same name. Set in London, it zooms in on the lives of eight siblings who are looking for love and happiness. A nice series with mutual drama and here and there a steamy scene between Daphne and the handsome duke Simon. Unfortunately there is only 1 season with 8 episodes, but it has already been announced that 7 more seasons will follow. We can't wait! Lupin This...

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Halloween? Dia de los Muertos it is!

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Halloween? Dia de los Muertos it is! On October 31st worldwide the horror festival Halloween is celebrated, but in all seriousness we are in love with the following festivity that will be celebrated in Mexico on November 1 and 2: Dia de los Muertos, also known as Day of the Dead. This tradition dates back to the Mayan and Aztec times some 2,000 years ago and is still traditionally celebrated. The holiday is even on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Mexicans believe that children's souls return to Earth on November 1 and adults on November 2 and they celebrate this on the Day of the Dead. On this day, Mexicans go to the family grave to eat the dead person's favorite dish and recall fun stories about this person. Something that symbolizes this day is the sugar skull and we can't get enough of the colorful sugar skull look. It's like art. If after...

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4 super fun ways to style your scrunchie

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4 super fun ways to style your scrunchie Scrunchies ... we can't ignore it for a while and we really like that! They come in all kinds of colors, fabrics and prints and you can do much more with them than you might think, both with long and short hair. Take a look: The messy bun You can make your (messy) bun a lot more fun with a nice scrunchie! You can do this in several ways: 1. Use the scrunchie as a rubber band to make your bun. This way your scrunchie is nicely wrapped in your hair! 2. Make your bun as usual and wrap a scrunchie around it. This makes for a tidier look. The scrunchie scarf Scrunchie scarves are also completely hot! They are usually made of silk and have nice prints. And how nice is a scrunchie scarf on your ponytail? Not only does such a scrunchie scarf look super nice around your ponytail, you can also use it in all kinds of...

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THE BEST BEACH CLUBS IN THE NETHERLANDS FOR THE REAL IBIZA FEELING Okay, to our great sorrow the summer is still a bit far away, but there is nothing wrong with looking forward to the best season of the year, right? Are you not going to enjoy the beautiful Ibiza this summer? We know the nicest beach tents in the Netherlands to still let you experience the Ibiza feeling! So put this on your list: Hippie Fish - Zandvoort You will find this gem on the beach at Zandvoort. Just because of their beautiful Instagram feed you want to go there right now. The interior has a lot of wood, green and white. Exactly how we love it! They are open throughout the summer season. Tulum Tulum - Noordwijk The same applies to Tulum Tulum in Noordwijk. Imagine yourself on an island while enjoying delicious food, a relaxed atmosphere and Ibiza vibes. Here too, the interior is completely decorated in our...

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Ibiza corona update II

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Ibiza corona update II Ibiza is open again and we can't tell you how happy we are! Although we wait a while before getting on the plane, we have figured out for you which restaurants and beach clubs are open and which rules you must follow. Face mask As soon as you get on the plane you have to wear a mask. This has been determined by all airlines to any destination. Until now it was mandatory in Ibiza to wear a mask in shops, supermarkets and public transport, but the Balearic Islands have tightened up the rules slightly. From tomorrow (Saturday 11 July) you will have to wear a mask in public everywhere, except on the beach. Exceptions to the mandatory wearing of a mask are children up to 6 years old and people with respiratory problems who can demonstrate this. Beach club Amante - open since July 3 Settle down at Amante with a breathtaking...

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Een tijdelijke tattoo? We got you!

  18-06-2020     Comments (1)

Een tijdelijke tattoo? We got you!

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This new Netflix hit is set in Ibiza

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This new Netflix hit is set in Ibiza Bring it on with another Spanish series! And one that takes place on, yes, Ibiza. Alex Pína, the mastermind behind La Casa de Papel and Vis a Vis, has managed to create another gem: White Lines. The series is set around Zoe Walker, a British woman who returns to Ibiza after her brother's body that went missing 20 years earlier was found there, on the estate of a powerful family. Despite the fact that Zoe ended up in a deep hole after her brother went missing, she is now looking for answers in the environment where her brother worked as a DJ, but she does not trust anyone. Within 24 hours on the island, Zoe, who normally lives a quiet life in Manchester, stole 7 pounds of cocaine from Axel's childhood friend Marcus and shot someone with a harpoon in the leg. Crazy, right? It doesn't stop there....

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Ibiza Corona update

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Ibiza Corona update Where Spain was first in total lockdown, right now a phase plan is in force throughout Spain that gradually eases the measures. Each phase of this plan takes at least 2 weeks, depending on how the number of infections develops. Phase uno - started on May 11 In this phase, some companies may open again, such as restaurants and bars with an outdoor terrace and small shops (with an area of ​​max. 400m²), provided they let in 30% of the total capacity and that enough distance can be kept, this is two meters in Spain. It is also possible to stay in hotels again, but breakfast rooms and gymnasiums may not yet be used. It also applies that only residents of the same province are allowed to stay in a hotel. This means that residents of Mallorca, Formentera and Menorca can stay in a hotel in Ibiza. However, because there is no...

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12 Netflix quarantine viewing tips

  01-05-2020     Comments (1)

12 Netflix quarantine viewing tips Thank god for Netflix. Where would we be in quarantine time without this life-saving streaming service? Right, we would be a lot more bored. Fortunately for you, we are very attached to Netflix in our spare time, so we can write out a good list of viewing tips. Ready? 1. Vis a vis Do you like prison series and movies like us? Then you should definitely look at Vis a vis! The blonde diva Macarena ends up, somewhat unjustly, in a Spanish women's prison in Cruz del Sur. After an uncomfortable start, she quickly grows into the queen of Cruz del Sur, because the only concern in prison is survival. And for survival you do everything. A lot of crazy things are happening in this series and that makes it truly a first class must watch! 2. Toy boy Oh boy .. you shouldn't skip this one just for the main character. This...

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How to cut your mans hair during Covid-19?

  22-04-2020     Comments (2)

How to cut your mans hair during Covid-19? Are you, and perhaps especially your husband or friend, literally with your hands in your hair now that the hairdressers have been closed for a while and this will also take a while? Have the strands of your husband or friend grown so fast that you get them thrown in your face while sleeping? Then it is really time for a fresh haircut. Don't try this at home does not apply in this exceptional situation (sorry dear hairdressers). Although it is better to leave some hairstyles to the real hairdresser. And well, your husband won't have to leave the house for the time being. Of course we are not a hairdresser, but we have looked up some tips that are essential to make it a success: 1. Use hairdressing scissors As tempting as it can be to just ram the kitchen shears or hedge trimmers, don't do it. We repeat: Doc. it....

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Tips to make staying at home a little more fun

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Tips to make staying at home a little more fun Are you safe inside because of the advice not to spread the Coronavirus further? Can't you do your work at home, so are you actually "free"? Not having to work sounds very tempting, but if you can't get out the door, you still have to do other things than when you can. We help you with various tips to keep you busy! To do: Looking for lost socks so you don't have to look for a complete pair every morning when you're in a hurry Making that one difficult puzzle of 348239473 pieces Remove the weeds from your backyard (we know you've been putting this off for a while) Finally read your large stack of magazines Download Wordfeud so that you can still have some contact with your dear grandmother Find fun living and fashion inspiration on Pinterest (we can do this all day long) Netflix...

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The best lunch hotspots in Ibiza

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The best lunch hotspots in Ibiza We love food, preferably at any time of the day. However, in between sunbathing there's nothing greater than to grab a moment of relaxation that we call lunch. And it is even better to do this on Ibiza. We happen to know the loveliest lunch spots, so there you go: Croissant Show - Ibiza Town Here you can enjoy a croissant and coffee all day long, no less than 22 hours a day. Of course there are many more goodies on the menu, but sometimes simple is just as tasty. The nice thing about this restaurant is that you can meet all kinds of people, from backpackers to a DJ that you saw playing the night before in Ushuaïa. Café Del Lago - Formentera Planning a day trip to Formentera? Then you can sit down at Café Del Lago for a nice lunch. Enjoy fresh salmon on toast, a tender tuna sashimi or...

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Tips for better planning

  13-02-2020     Comments (1)

Tips for better planning We as creative minds here at Love Ibiza have a hard time planning that. Our head is full of the great ideas that we simply want to implement immediately. As a result, other things quickly come a little lower on the priority list. We have already designed a super fun weekly planner ( shop it here ) to keep us a bit on the schedule, but also picked out some tips that we want to share with you! Don't just plan your work To be able to keep work or school and private life somewhat separate, it is important to plan both. This gives you a good overview of how much time you spend in your work or school and how much in your private life. You can adjust based on this. First things first Set priorities. Logically, you have to do the most important things first. Also consider whether the task that you find most important...

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